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For Sale



Brand New 4:1 crown wheel and pinion to suit AM2 and AM80 and probably AM as well.

Please contact to discuss price.  Mike Tebbett 01684-563315 or


Clive & Tony have had screen rubbers made to the exact original pattern, stop your passenger complaining about wet legs.

 £ 60.00 for 3 meters

 Ring Tony Curtis on 01285 771050

Oil Spill Kits


  • Following on from the June Drive, the Club has some oil spill ‘mats’ for sale at £1.00 per metre. The material is 20 inches wide, and would be ideal to slip under your car in the garage.

    Contact Michael Scott if you wish to make a purchase.




Rear Leaf Spring

Rod Renfrew is looking for a rear leaf spring to suit 1937 686 4-door saloon and also two rear internal door handles. Rod can be contacted on 07971166132 or

Connecting Rods

Following the breaking of number three con rod in my AM80 I am now looking for another connecting rod, or even a set of six if possible...


At a pinch even a complete-ish spare engine… for your interest, it has broken at the little end and appears to have wrapped itself around the gudgeon pin.


I have not removed the offending item to check yet!
 Mike Tebbett 01684-563315 or

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