30th Hotchkiss Drive


Who knows where the time goes?


 Here we are in the month of June when we were due to meet in North Gloucestershire to begin our 30th Hotchkiss Drive - "Unveiling Evesham". We were looking forward to enjoying visits to places of interest, to driving our cars through very attractive countryside and, above all, to be amongst good friends. Such a shame that, for the first time in 30 years, we had to postpone our event, hoping that it may be possible to stage it when our country finds itself in happier times once more.


It won't surprise you to know that the BHS Committee has not met recently to discuss the way forward, but we'll remedy that as soon as we can. We hope we can hold our annual Pub Meet on 9th August but shall take a final decision in mid-July. Our Autumn Closer is planned for 11th October, perhaps incorporating the AGM which we were unable to hold in early March but, again, we must take a final decision nearer the time. Sadly, our 30th Hotchkiss Drive will almost certainly have to wait until 2021.  Please check the Club website for news of future events.


Meanwhile, can Helen and I say "Hi" to all of you who had planned to participate in the "Unveiling Evesham" Drive. Our very best wishes to everyone, hoping you're all safe and well and looking forward to the days when we can take to the roads together once more.  Here's to the future of our Club!



Michael Scott.



Coronavirus and Events (updated 18 March 2020)


The BHS Committee has taken the very difficult decision to cancel our June Run, due to the severe coronavirus problems
of which you know. You may already have heard from the hotel with notification of that cancellation.


You will have paid a deposit to the Club, which we have banked. I’m discussing this with Sandra very shortly and shall
contact you again about it.


It goes without saying that every member of the committee is extremely disappointed that this action has been necessary.
Let’s all hope that things return to normal in the not too distant future so that we can meet and enjoy each other's company
once more.






Daniel Mosselmans, 15 April 1942 – 23 November 2019

It is with great sadness that we announce that Daniel passed away in his sleep at home in November. Daniel had been a great supporter of the British Hotchkiss Society for very many years and joined us on many occasions here in England. His commitment to the BHS was never more evident than when he drove from and to his home in Belgium in one day to join us for 30th anniversary celebration in May 2018. We were lucky enough to see him twice in 2019, at our Drive and, accompanied by Sonia, at our Autumn Closer. He will be greatly missed. As Sonia so rightly said “he was a great fan of Hotchkiss!”

Regalia/BHS Shop


After many years raising funds for the Club by the sale of merchandise, Peter Nunn has handed over the reins to Sandra Stapleton.   At the same time, it has been decided to rename this area of our Club.   Thus the BHS Shop has been born!


Most of our merchandise with the BHS logo is sourced from Embroidery Unlimited, a company we have worked with for many years. 
With a small club like ours, it is not economically possible to keep a stock of items, so have a look at their on-line catalogue at
www.embroideryunlimited.co.uk .   If you are thinking of buying a new sweater, T-shirt, anorak, scarf, fleece, body warmer etc,
why not buy via the BHS Shop and help raise Club funds at the same time?  There are no prices available in the on-line catalogue
but be assured they will not break the bank.    If you find something you would like to buy, email Sandra on sandra.barry@sfr.fr or telephone: 0033 247 955652 and she will get a price and a delivery time for you.  Your payment will be to the BHS in the normal manner
(by cheque or bank transfer).

Autumn Closer  2019
Wasn't it a lovely day to be caught in the rain - to misquote Irving Berlin. The wet stuff descended in stair rods on the beautiful Test Valley, making old car motoring more "testing" than the organisers had planned - but, undeterred, we all had a great day anyway!
See past events for the full story.



Do you have a spare rear leaf spring?

See the For Sale/Wanted section in the 'members' area if you can help!




Dates for your diary


AGM 15 March 2020

Spring Opener 19 April 2020

30th Drive 12 - 15 June 2020

Annual Pub meet 09 August 2020

Autumn Closer 11 October 2020



AM80 High Ration Crown wheel and pinion

Mike Tebbett is investigating getting a new high ratio crown wheel and pinion made by Guest Gears for my AM80, just like the batch organised many years ago by Peter Nunn.

The ratio will be 12/48 or 4.1 and I think they will surely also suit the AM2?   I shall order one set for my car but of course, if we can get a few more made then the price is significantly reduced.

e.g. for two sets £1175.00 or for three sets, it is £900.00. Plus VAT and carriage. Let me know if you are interested.  m.tebbett@tiscali.co.uk 


Clos(er) ratio gearbox

Peter Nunn tells me that many years ago he organised the manufacture of nine sets of close-ratio gears for the AM2 and AM80 gearbox. Does anyone still have an unused set still on the garage shelf?



Who fancies a project.

Tony Cutis has a 1934 Monaco for sale. But that's not all.  Click here for details



Car List

A printed copy of the car list is now available for anyone who wants it, please contact Pam Walton for details or further information.


Oil Spill Kits for sale.

Please see the For Sale section for details.


Head Gaskets for AM80 686 and AM2 cars

Peter Nunn has now handed over the responsibility for obtaining the above gaskets to Tony Curtis. Please see the Spares tab in the members’ section for more details.


Two Interesting links.





Car Records

The Club is currently updating and amending its records of cars owned by members, so, if your car details i.e. model, chassis number and registration, are not correct or are not included on the list on the website, please inform Michael Edwards.



For Sale

The website now has  'Spares' and 'For Sale/Wanted' tabs in the members' section. If you wish something to be added to either of these tabs, please contact Peter or Pam.




Images needed.

The website can only be as good as the images we have on it. If you take any photos while out with your car, let's share them.

We need them as big as possible please so send them in at the largest file size your camera or phone allows. And don't forget, the pictures don't have to be from an organised day out. Any lovely pictures help make the site great for all.


Videos can be accommodated as well.


Thank you



Many congratulations to Grace Hotchkiss, who celebrated her 100th birthday in February. We received this happy news from Toby Collins, who’s in touch with the Hotchkiss family.


For many years, Grace and Hotch were very active and important members of the BHS, coming over from the States to participate in our Rallies. This photo shows Grace standing on the running board of Peter Nunn’s AM80, with Hotch taking his ease in the passenger seat. 


We hope you had a very Happy Birthday, Grace - we all send you our best wishes!   



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